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  • DemographyAverage age of students across all MBA programs at the institution.
    25 Yrs.


Reach your career goals with Webster Vienna Private University! Established in 1981, Webster Vienna is the only university in Austria accredited both in the United States (with the US Higher Learning Commission) and Austria (with private university accreditation from the Austrian Ministry of Education). Thus, students have the opportunity to earn both an American and an Austrian degree. Webster Vienna’s business programs are also accredited by ACBSP. A maximum class size of 20-25 students per course fosters a student centered classroom environment with professors who bring real life experience and innovative knowledge to the lessons. Students can earn Master degrees in Marketing, International Relations, Counseling Psychology and Finance as well as a General MBA or an MBA with an emphasis in Finance, International Relations and Marketing. Webster's MBA programs offer a rigorous, comprehensive business education for career-minded adults who wish to enhance their professional development. Full-time students can complete the MBA without emphasis in around 14 months. Webster offers flexibility with part time study options for the working adult. Come visit our new campus located in a historic Palais near the center of Vienna.


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