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Yonsei University is one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea, located in Seoul. The university itself was founded by missionary Horace G Underwood in 1915, in the early days of the Japanese rule, when commerce and business management were beginning to flourish as academic disciplines in the Western world.

The Yonsei School of Business produced its first graduates in 1919. Since then some 44,000 have gained diplomas from the institution. It completed construction of its first independent campus home in September 2018, as part of its centenary celebrations. Construction of the building, which is in the heart of the university campus, was financed by donations from alumni and members of Korea’s business community. The nine-story building covers 20,000 squares metres across six floors.

The Yonsei School of Business is the first and only university in Korea to obtain Triple Crown accreditation in business education - The United States’ AACSB, Europe’s EQUIS and Korea’s KABEA. The school’s accreditation by these agencies is proof of the growing worldwide recognition of YSB as an elite business school.


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