Zhejiang University International Business School

718 Haizhou Road Zhejiang, China Mainland View Map
  • DemographyAverage age of students across all MBA programs at the institution.
    30 Yrs.


Zhejiang University International Business School specializes in New Finance, New Technologies, New Industries and New Markets. The college is a globalized and digitally smart business school in the new economy.

ZIBS aims to cultivate senior managers and future business leaders with an interdisciplinary perspective, building cross-cultural business skills to adapt to the new economic era.


Upcoming Events

Saturday, 30th Jan 2021
17:15 - 19:30
Sunday, 31st Jan 2021
17:00 - 19:30
Wednesday, 3rd Feb 2021
02:30 - 05:00
Thursday, 4th Feb 2021
02:30 - 05:00

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