Which one to pick - EMBA or GMBA? Quite confused...

My question is quite confusing for me only... I am not sure which one is better to go for. While wandering around internet to check out the best one college to get my MBA done so I found an internationally recognized institute named S P Jain School of Global Management.

But now, I am sort of confused which one program should I go for - EMBA or GMBA? Please suggest which one is better to go for, as I am quite confused with it.

Anybody from this institute here?

Please help.


How many years of experiences do you have? And in which stream?

Hi Yash,

You are right that the terminology can get quite confusing! So first let me explain that EMBA stands for Executive MBA and GMBA or GEMBA stands for Global MBA or Global Executive MBA.

The term "Global" is being used by many programs now to express the fact that your studies in the program will take place in multiple campus locations around the world. Depending on the program this can typically vary from 2 to 5 campus locations. The time at each location will also vary and while some programs have studies equally spread between each campus others offer just a few days at international campuses while the main studying continues to take place at the "home" campus.

As to which is better, that will depend completely on what you are looking for and what you hope to do in your career future. If for example you are studying an MBA to gain knowledge to run a national company that works exclusively in your home country, you may not need to emphasize a global education. If on the other hand you are working with or hope to work with a company that has worldwide operations and clients, you will most definitely benefit from a program that offers a more global focus.

Though rankings are helpful to a certain extent the most important thing you can do to get your MBA research off the ground is to write a list of what you would like your ideal program to contain: Multiple campuses? Specialized subject matter? Alumni network? Professors and guest speakers? Class mix statistics? ... Then begin to look for the programs that best fill your personal wish list.

Please let us know if you are in need of further information or explanation.

To your MBA success!

If Would Be Better For You If You Complete Your EMBA or GMBA From S P Jain School Of Global Management.

I have been working in a German chemical based company called Lanxess for the past six years as a senior sales manager. I have done my Bachelors in Chemical engineering, and now feel the need for pursuing my MBA. Few of my colleagues have been upgraded to a higher position after they completed their MBA and hence even I want to upgrade myself. I have decided to do my MBA from abroad but I am not able to decide whether I should take up a GMBA program or an EMBA program. I am not aware which program would be more beneficial for a candidate like me. Can someone at least tell me the basic difference between the two?

Hi Jugal, I have been an education consultant for the past 12 years and I have observed that lately students are opting for more advanced MBA programs as compared to traditional once. Let me tell you the basic difference between the two: An EMBA is essentially for students with more than 5 years of work experience. GMBA is for students with lesser work experience. Unlike their counterparts of GMBA programmes, EMBA students are able to implement and practice what they learn in the classroom and also as they have greater work experience, they relate very easily to what is taught to them. Therefore looking at your work experience I would suggest you to take up an EMBA program as it would help you in upgrading yourself.

Ajit Iyer

Sir it would be of great help if you can you please suggest me some good MBA colleges in Singapore and Australia which offer EMBA, as I have my extended family there and hence it would be a lot comfortable for me to pursue my EMBA from one of these places.

According to me Melbourne School of business, Nanyang, S P Jain School of global management and Queens are one of the best MBA colleges which offer EMBA courses in Australia and Singapore.

Ajit Iyer

Thanks a lot for expert opinion Sir!

You’re welcome! All the best for your future.

Ajit Iyer

EMBA is better

Hello there! I have done my graduation in statistics (BSc) and I have around 4 years of experience in supply chain management. To add a bit more of a weightage to my CV and enhance growth, I want to take a step ahead with MBA. The dilemma is, weather to take up and EMBA or a GMBA. I am a resident of Dubai and S P Jain Global is one of the finest colleges around here which makes me keen to get a degree from there! Back to the question- which of the two would be more helpful? EMBA or GMBA?

EMBA and GMBA both lie on the same page. The only difference I can think of is the duration of the course. GMBA wraps up in an years time. Ie. 4 months in each of the cities (Dubai, Singapore and Sydney). EMBA is comparatively the longer one as it juggles your acads along with your current job!

I believe there is a huge difference between the two courses. GMBA follows a tri city module but EMBA doesn’t. EMBA has a fixed location which can be one of the 3 cities.

See, the thing here is not about which course is the better one. It highly depends on whether you want to give up on your current job or not. If you are willing to give up, you can always opt for a GMBA. Placement opportunities for GMBA are magnificent I heard.

Okay fair enough. Thank you for your time! I will definitely think over it! :)

I have been working for almost 7 years now and my area of work and interest is in marketing, though i have already done my Full time MBA from IIPM New Delhi, but i'm not satisfied with the career growth or options i have interns of my experience. I'm planning to do MBA but i'm confused, is it justified to do MBA again or i should try some other option to give my career the required knowledge and future growth.

@abhinav k. I was also on the same verge of loosing my intensity over my work due to my career growth. I was not satisfied with my GMBA program. I was confused too till I get suggested by Hughes Education's EMBA program alumnis. Now I am enjoying my management career. You should join the same education partner and you may find IIFT EMBA course there in Delhi.

Hi,I am in same trouble.By profession I am a Mechanical Engineer & currently working in MNC,having five years of Experience.Now I want to pursue EMBA/GMBA.I gave MAT exam in this year & scored 60%.My queries are:1)On MAT basis can I able to find good college for providing EMBA/GMBA,if it is please suggest names.
2) On Experience basis can directly apply for EMBA/GMBA & pursue the subjected course.

Please help me..!!


hello. by profession i am a Design engineer studied M.Tech in mechanical, & i have around 8 years of experience in aerospace domain, to enhance my carrier growth, want to take MBA. Dilemma is about the specialization in MBA, which stream is good for me??? and i cont quit my job. please guide me......!!!