7 Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

7 Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you a woman entrepreneur who is looking for opportunities to connect with other women business owners? This list includes several US organizations that provide educational and networking opportunities -- both online and in person. Participating in these groups will give you the chance to learn from other women business owners to help you overcome some of the obstacles of starting a business.


Women's Business Centers

There are 100 Women's Business Centers located throughout the United States which provide women with training, counselling, and other resources designed to help women grow their businesses. All the resources provided by the Women's Business Centrers are designed to help women secure venture capital for their businesses. These centers are funded and overseen by the Office of Women's Business Ownership, which seeks to "level the playing field" for women entrepreneurs. To find a Women's Business Center near you, check out this list. If you don't live near Women's Business Center, you can get free help at the one of the 1,110 Small Business Development Centers in the US.


Make Mine a Million

Make Mine a Million hosts local, national, and online events to bring together women business owners and business experts. At these events, women network and share their knowledge. The local events, M3 Meetups, are regularly hosted by local community members and feature speakers, learning exercises and mini-pitch competitions. Online events include weekly webinars lead by business experts, as well as speakers who work for banks, government agencies, and PR firms. The Make Mine a Million $ Business Competition is a live event where women pitch their business to compete for a package of tools to help them grow their business.


American Business Women's AssociationAmerican Business Women's Association

The American Business Women's Association (ABWA) is a membership-based organization which provides businesswomen with leadership opportunities, education, support, and networking events. ABWA is made up of local chapters which host meetings which feature networking, and professional development speakers. Members can receive training online through the Women's Instruction Network (WIN) or at regional and national conferences. Basic membership costs $90.


Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership

Run out of Babson College, the Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership offers several educational programs designed to help current and future entrepreneurial leaders.

Boss NetworkThe BOSS Network

The BOSS Network is a support network of professional and entrepreneurial women. Members are brought together for conversation as well as online and in-person networking.  In case you were wondering, BOSS stands for Bringing Out Successful Sisters.


Ladies who LaunchLadies Who Launch

Ladies who Launch is a media company that provides women entrepreneurs with resources and networking opportunities. The Ladies Who Launch website provides an online community for women entrepreneurs and also gives each member a page where they can promote their business. Offline, Ladies who Launch hosts several educational and networking events in cities throughout the US.


eWomen NetworkeWomen Network

The eWomen Network is designed to help women get more customers and market their business. Members are given access opportunities to meet influential business leaders. eWomen network does this through hosting 2,000 annual events in 118 US cities. Members also have access to coaches who will help them achieve their business goals, and website services that will help entrepreneurs improve their online presence.

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