MBA Average Salaries in North America

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TopMBA.com research confirms the US’ place among the top three nations worldwide for MBA pay levels.

Surveying thousands of MBA employers around the world, the QS TopMBA.com Jobs and Salary Trends Report shows average MBA remuneration packages in the US total US$113,800 per annum.

Compared to other countries, the US holds the third highest average MBA salary in the world, marginally above Japan and the UK. Australia boasts the highest average MBA remuneration packages, while Switzerland is in second place – both boast average MBA pay packets of around US$140,000 per annum.

However, in order to preserve statistical relevancy, the highest MBA salaries in the US were excluded from the report.

“The USA still has the largest number of MBA employers in the world and has by far the greatest salary range,” explains Nunzio Quacquarelli, managing director of QS Quacquarelli Symonds and author of the report.

“This report does not include any salaries above US$200,000, which would distort results year on year depending on the number of respondents. However, these salaries are prevalent in the USA among private equity and venture capital companies and within selected departments of investment banks, but are only offered to candidates with highly relevant work experience.”

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Written by QS Blogger
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