MBA Jobs in Technology

MBA Jobs in Technology

NewQS research predicts increasing levels of demand for MBA graduates in the technology sector unheard of in previous years.

Though over the past 12 months technology demand only grew by 5%, MBA employers are forecasting a substantial 27% growth in recruitment demand for MBAs within the sector over the next year.

“This would seem to be the place to be for new MBA graduates in 2013, with particularly strong growth in Asia, Middle East and North America,” says Nunzio Quacquarelli, author of the QS TopMBA.com Jobs and Salary Trends Report and managing director of QS Quacquarelli Symonds.

“A growing number of high technology and computer services companies are looking to MBAs to commercialize their products. A concentration of this growth is taking place in Asia with big US employers actively hiring in the region.”

As for MBA remuneration, the technology sector certainly competes well to attract the most talented MBA graduates. According to the report, average MBA pay packets total over US$100,000 per annum, putting the sector on par with other sectors such as consulting, mining/metals, aerospace/defense, and energy.

Among the big household names highlighted within the TopMBA.com report for aiding this spur in growth of MBA hiring in the sector are Apple, eBay, Microsoft, and Google.

Google’s staffing programs director Judy Gilbert says the company is “still looking for risk-takers - that means having a start-up on your résumé is a plus, even if the company went bust. Yet a career at Google offers MBAs much more stability and longevity than offered at dotcoms in the past.”

Written by QS Blogger
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