MBAs at ICN Business School : Interview with 3 Alumni

Interviews with 3 ICN Business School alums

TopMBA.com talks to 3 alumni of the ICN-EM Business School about their experience of doing an MBA at the Strasbourg school. 

“I took the MBA delivered by the ICN-EM Strasbourg Business Schools because I wanted to improve my transversal understanding of a company. I have invested heavily, financially and family-wise. How do I measure the return on investment? A life experience with other managers, the capacity to step back and reflect on how I manage and how I could improve myself, greater credibility on the job market. I consider this choice as a great challenge for the next 20 years of my professional life.”

Laurent Bauer,
Alumni 2009, IT Consultant, Luxembourg and France

“Being coached is definitely a unique experience which reconciles the emotional and intellectual aspects of your life. It makes you more harmonious, positive and even stronger in daily business situations. Courses represent a sum of technical knowledge, the knowledge MBA candidates need to acquire. But coaching is simply a plus, the type of experience uncovering the reason why you became and are a manager.”

Didier Lakomsky,
Alumni 2009, Marketing Director, Switzerland

“The MBA provided me the means to evolve from the statute of expert to that of a manager.
The in-depth knowledge acquired in all functions of the enterprise and the development of my general knowledge base has boosted my self-confidence and played a decisive role in my career evolution.”

Claudine Stephan,
Alumni 2009, Customer Service Manager, Alsace

Written by QS Blogger
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