Columbia Business School launches EMBA-Americas Program

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International EMBA candidates have another MBA option to consider now that Columbia has just announced their new EMBA-Americas programs. Unlike most EMBA programs that have a local focus, Columbia Business School's new EMBA-Americas program is trying to attract business leaders from all over the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Not only does Columbia's new program demonstrate the increasing amount of international MBA programs, it also shows how more top business schools are trying to attract students beyond their local market. While the Columbia EMBA-Americas program may not be the first of its kind, it is the first Americas EMBA program with a Silicon Valley focus.

While Columbia's EMBA-Americas program was just announced in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, EMBA Americas programs are not a new thing. UCLA and Simon Fraiser both offer Americas EMBA programs. Columbia itself already has another program that incorporates an Americas theme, the EMBA - Global Americas and Europe program.


Columbia is also not the first Ivy League business school trying to appeal to a broader audience in the Americas. While it's not labelled an Americas MBA program, the Cornell Queens Executive MBA program is another program that brings an ivy league MBA education to classrooms in 21 cities in the US and Canada (with the possible addition of 2 South American cities later this year). Another factor that sets the EMBA-Americas program a part from the Cornell Queens Executive MBA is that the program is held in global business hubs as opposed to Ithaca and Kingston, Ontario.


So, what is the Columbia EMBA-Americas program? The EMBA-Americas program is designed for working professionals who want a top MBA degree, but can't make it bi-weekly Saturday sessions in New York. Unlike the Cornell Queens Executive MBA, the Columbia EMBA-Americas program meets less frequently and involves live classroom instruction instead of video conferencing. Unlike other EMBA Americas programs, this program includes a Silicon Valley focus, exemplifying how MBA programs are moving away from Wall St. and closer toward more entrepreneurial-focused curriculum.


The EMBA-Americas program lasts 20 months and is made up of monthly sessions held mostly in New York. EMBA-Americas students will also study in Silicon Valley and Latin America during their first year.  The first three semesters are dedicated to core classes, followed by two semesters of electives and international projects with students from Columbia's New York EMBA program. Columbia's Vice Dean, Amir Ziv, told the Wall Street Journal that the infrequent meetings, combined with the variety of locations, will appeal to a broader range of EMBA students.


The announcement of the EMBA-Americas program occurred shortly after Columbia discontinued another bi-coastal EMBA program, Columbia joint EMBA program with the Haas School of Business, in late March. Haas is launching its own EMBA program in 2013. Representatives from Columbia told the Wall Street Journal that the school was looking for ways to expand their reach in the Americas at the time the joint degree program was continued.


Columbia Business School's EMBA-Americas program starts in January 2013. Tuition is $161,280 -- similar to what Columbia charges for their other EMBA programs. 45 to 70 students are expected to enroll in the program.



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