Top Business Schools in North America: Location Hotspots

Top Business Schools in North America: Location Hotspots main image

Among the top business schools in the world featured in the QS Global 200 Business Schools Report 2013/14, there are 33 institutions rated in the top classification of ‘elite global’ by international recruiters.

Elite global schools are the world’s finest in the eyes of international recruiters and have the potential to transform any candidate’s CV. These top business schools all possess an established and truly global reputation and, as such, MBA graduates are targeted by international recruiters on a domestic, regional and global level. Out of the total of 33 business schools, 18 are to be found in North America. The interactive map below shows the location of these 18, highlighting the region’s hotspots for top business schools.

The choice of international recruiters

Hover over the map to see where North America’s top business schools are to be found. Click on the pins to access an institution's vital statistics for MBA study, including: average GMAT score and years of work experience required for admission; a school’s placing in North America for 2013 and 2012; class size; and proportions of international and female students reported by schools at the time of QS’s 2013 survey of international recruiters.

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