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Top Ten Reasons to Get an MBA in the Netherlands

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Updated September 17, 2015 Updated September 17, 2015

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Javier Arias, international marketer at Nyenrode Business Universiteit, gives us his top ten reasons why an MBA in the Netherlands could be the right choice for you.

1. The multicultural environment

The Netherlands is a diverse country where cultures, religions and perspectives coexist. International students who choose to pursue an MBA in the Netherlands can expect to become part of a multicultural environment, in which tolerance and respect are de rigueur. More than 170 nationalities coexist in Amsterdam alone!

Unsurprisingly, the country which gave us Van Gogh and Rembrandt offers a wide range of cultural experiences, particularly for aficionados of art and architecture. Must-see attractions in the country include Anne Frank’s House, the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt house and the recently reopened Rijksmuseum. The whole country is given a unique feel by its 400 year old canals.

2. Education in the Netherlands

The high standard of business education in the Netherlands is well known. The country’s institutions and MBA programs are accredited by both a national accreditation body (NAVO) and international accreditation bodies such as AMBA and EQUIS.

Universities like Nyenrode try to balance national and international staff and faculty. This guarantees that all students benefit from an integrated experience, which is both Dutch and international. The teaching style on an MBA in the Netherlands is rooted in the Dutch system, which encourages a hands-on attitude, with the three core focus areas being leadership, stewardship and entrepreneurship. These three resonate with the Dutch approach to business. The goal of this is to instill an entrepreneurial attitude (regardless of their work environment) in today’s leaders, and to allow them to create value in society.

In general, Dutch people are known to be very direct and this is reflected a teaching-style which encourages candidates to challenge lecturers and other students’ perspectives on matters under discussion. A dynamic and interactive environment where critical thinking is encouraged and required is at the heart of an education in the Netherlands. However, this is never at the cost of being respectful of others’ opinions.

Certain universities, including Nyenrode participate on the Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme. These scholarships are available to applicants from countries in which there is a Nuffic Neso office, which include China, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Indonesia.

3. Jobs in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to many large transnational organizations such as Philips, Unilever, Shell, Akzo and KLM. To this we can add a considerable roster of multinational organizations with operate in the country, meaning that there is no shortage of MBA jobs in the Netherlands. Transportation and trade is a particularly prominent industry as a consequence of the Port of Rotterdam’s status as the largest port in Europe. As well as larger organizations, a large number of internationally-operating small and medium size enterprises also hire MBAs.

The Netherlands has an entrenched culture of entrepreneurship, so an MBA in the Netherlands can be perfect for those considering starting their own business. This culture has been key in the country’s economic stability and progress. The Netherlands has been ranked the most entrepreneurial country in Europe based on the number of adults who own a start-up company.

4. The Dutch Economy

Regardless of the economic crisis, the Netherlands still possesses one of the highest standards of living in Europe. Some of Europe’s most competitive regions are located in the nation. The Netherlands is well known for a deep rooted concern for the well-being of its inhabitants. The workers who contribute to the Dutch economy have been ranked as some of the happiest in the world, with the best work-life balance.

5. Learn a New Language

Most Dutch people speak English fluently. Thus, it is possible to study, live and work speaking English. However, students who pursue an MBA in the Netherlands and want to extend their stay in the Netherlands are encouraged to take the time to learn Dutch, as this is highly appreciated by the locals. It will also bolster you résumé.

6. European Travel Options

The Netherlands is a good base from which to travel Europe at an affordable price. The country is very well connected with its neighbors and European travel options are numerous. Students pursuing an MBA in the Netherlands could well find themselves on a different train, airplane or bus to Germany or Belgium every other weekend if they are so inclined. The country has one of the busiest airports in Europe (Amsterdam Schiphol airport) as well as other well-connected airports like Eindhoven, Rotterdam/The Hague with daily flights to many different cities within and outside of Europe.

The Netherlands itself has many cities to discover and explore, which generally can be reached in a reasonable amount of time. Its efficient transportation system allows easy and fast travel within the country. Each city has a large number of tourist activities that may be of interest to international MBA students. Destinations certainly worth seeing include Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Breda, Groningen, and Maastricht.

7. Dutch culture

The Dutch are very open and tolerant, so it is easy to integrate into Dutch culture. To fully integrate it is recommended that you learn basic Dutch, learn to be direct and respect others’ opinions.

There is also a large community of expats with many different organizations serving their needs. It is easy to find services such as legal advice, real estate, language courses, tax advice, education, and so on. Different organizations facilitate social events for expats and international MBA students.

8. Commuter bicycles

Cycling is the most efficient and the safest method of transportation in the Netherlands. Commuter bicycles are embedded in the Dutch approach to life as it is both sustainable and healthy. Bicycles are used on a daily basis as the government has developed country-wide infrastructure that encourages people to cycle and guarantees their safety while doing so.

9. Life in the Netherlands

The fabric of life in the Netherlands is characterized by the very open and tolerant society. Students pursuing their MBA in the Netherlands will find that this is reflected in different policies that allow activities that may be socially or legally controlled in other countries. The Dutch have a very independent and liberal approach to many things and they are very respectful towards other perspectives.

10. Immigration Laws

Dutch immigration laws may prove very attractive to international students who are looking to study in Europe. International students are granted a one-year search visa after completion of their program in order to look for a job in the country. Once they find a job, their employers can file for a residence permit on their behalf as a kennismigrant (literally ‘knowledge migrant’).

This article is sponsored by Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Check out the different MBA programs that Nyenrode offers.

This article was originally published in September 2013 . It was last updated in September 2015

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