MBA Alumni Profile: Sarah Willingham, Cranfield

Cranfield MBA alumna, Sarah Willingham

Sarah Willingham explains why she is extremely happy with her choice to enrol at Cranfield’s MBA Program, and the career benefits she has gained as a result. 

I could not be happier! Cranfield gave me the time, space, confidence and assistance to achieve my life changing ambitions! I learnt so much in one year that at times I thought my brain might explode, but every good MBA will tell you this.

So why Cranfield? Above all... to learn about myself. Leadership comes from self-awareness, and it is impossible to leave Cranfield without knowing yourself intimately. I learnt my core strengths and my many weaknesses. Today I am able to recruit my teams based on these assessments. I surround myself with people who complement me in every way and whose strengths are my weaknesses.

I loved my job prior to Cranfield but knew that I was only ever going to be truly fulfilled if I set out and did it for myself. I saw a gap in the market, resigned and embarked on a year at Cranfield with my goal in mind.

I was able to gear my MBA in the direction that I needed it to take. I built relationships with faculty that have been fundamental in my success today. I was able to take risks knowing that I had a full network of support. I was encouraged to succeed and the environment drove me to achieve my goals.

Today, finally, I have my chain of restaurants and aim to fill that gap in the market. Without the learning from Cranfield I would not have had the confidence and knowledge to negotiate at the level that I have. I was lucky, I chose the right course at exactly the right time and it's really paid off!

Written by QS Blogger
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