MBA Student Profile: Chris Goss, IE

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Chris Goss  is currently studying for his MBA at Instituto de Empresa, or IE Business School in Spain. He tells TopMBA.com about his experiences so far.

After my first degree at Sheffield, I took a masters in IT systems and then joined Ove Arup as an engineering consultant in the communications section. I went on to work for Cable and Wireless, running global projects and then joined a major telecoms company as a project manager.

An international past

Although most of my career has been based in the UK, I've always had a strong international perspective. I spent part of my childhood in Belgium, worked as a volunteer in Jordan before university and I've traveled extensively in Latin America. I've also always had something of a flair for, and an interest in business. For example after my Latin American trip I set up a successful small company importing textiles from Columbia into the UK.

So when I decided to do an MBA to consolidate my experience, I wanted a school that could combine an international outlook with a strong entrepreneurial leaning. Instituto de Empresa appeared to do just that. I was also attracted by the opportunity to learn another major business language. Of the world's top three - English, Mandarin and Spanish, I'd already got the first, and China seemed a bit too far to go, so Spanish was the obvious choice!

Entrepreneurship and the MBA

The school is one of the highest rated in Europe and the standard of education here makes you understand why. The classes on entrepreneurship, for example, are taught by professors who aren't just academics but are serial entrepreneurs themselves. It means that the approach is extremely practical.

I've also been given lots of encouragement to develop my interests and my network of contacts through the setting up of an entrepreneurship club for our students. We've now got 55 of this year's intake of 155 involved, are getting some really good guest speakers onto campus and are setting up links with other major schools around the world.

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