Nine Hilarious Things to Happen During a Test

Nine Hilarious Things to Happen During a Test main image

Exams are a stressful experience but, every once in a while, the stress can be broken by the comical, the bizarre or the downright odd. Below you’ll find stories of some of the funniest things to ever happen during an exam. Will any of these happen to you next time you’re taking a test?



It’s not unusual for students to turn up late to class but missing the start of an exam can be really costly. Sometimes it happens because they couldn’t find the exam hall, or they overslept after staying up too late cramming, but in some cases it’s because they were out for some pre-exam drinks when they really shouldn’t have.

According to a Business Insider article, one TA for a calculus class said, "With just under 10 minutes to go in a 50-minute midterm exam, a student burst into the classroom dressed in a taco costume. Sweating, completely out of breath, they grabbed a test from the front desk and started to frantically write.

“At first I thought it was some prank and I tried to kick him out. Turns out he was enrolled in the class and had passed out at a Halloween party the night before and woke up with no time to change clothes. I let him take the test in the remaining seven or so minutes."

Alarm clock fail


Sometimes the reasons for missing the start of an exam are more straightforward.

One student told Cosmopolitan, "Halfway through my third-year biology exam, a guy burst through the doors in his pyjama bottoms clutching a pencil in his outstretched hand. Nothing else. He was breathing hard; his hair was a mess and he was barefoot. He grabbed the exam paper and sat down to start taking the final he almost slept through."

Get your facts straight


Sometimes a phone manages to make its way into an exam room, but it’s not always the people you expect…

A student on one forum wrote, “A phone went off, the invigilators went mad for 10 minutes until one of the invigilators finally admitted it was his.”

An instance of pot kettle black if you ask us.

Martial arts gone wrong


When we learn to do a new trick, naturally all we want to do is demonstrate our new-found capabilities but showing off can have its down-sides.

In Cosmo, one student wrote, “In high school, my friend discovered that he was particularly agile at running toward a wall and kicking off into a backflip. He would do this all day, every day.

“One day we were in class and the teacher stepped out for a moment. Of course, he took this opportunity to try his little trick. He didn't, however, take into account that drywall might not support his weight as well as the brick and concrete walls he'd tried before.

"His leg busted straight through the wall to the other side, into a classroom full of students taking an exam. I still imagine how strange and hilarious it would be to be sitting in that class then suddenly see a leg burst through the wall. Makes me smile just thinking about it."

Bird brain


Birds flapping about can be annoying at the best of times, but what about when you’re in complete silence during an exam?

Test-takers at one school had their exam interrupted by a rogue pigeon which made its way into the gym where the exam was being held. The feathered friend proceeded to do its business, so two teachers began stalking it around the room with a makeshift net made out of a badminton net and hockey sticks. Clearly, "just carry on and pretend nothing's happening" didn't happen here.

In the end, the pigeon eventually flew out of the room of its own accord.

The vocalist


I’m sure we’ve all had a moment of memory loss once in the exam room, but some take this to extreme levels.

One student wrote, “During an economics exam, the guy next me to me opened up the first question (it was taken on computers), yelled 'SON OF A B**CH!' and slammed his head into the keyboard. He picked up his things and walked out without answering a single question."

Feigning ignorance


I’m pretty certain the ‘no communication’ rule, is drilled into test-takers from a very young age, so how these students thought they’d get away with this is beyond me.

One professor told Business Insider, "I had two students speaking Arabic to each other during the final exam. When I informed them, they wouldn’t pass due to obvious cheating, they were completely incredulous.

“They couldn't believe they weren’t allowed to talk to each other at full volume during a final exam. After a long discussion, one tried to convince me they were talking about what they were going to do that night. Bizarre. Also, they had the same wrong answers with the same exact wording."

Very amoosing


Barnyard animals are often a part of exam proceedings, right?

One student said: “A cow blundered into the window of the exam room and broke it. There was an actual mooing cow with its head in the exam room for a few moments.”

The lazy cheater


If you’re going to try and copy someone’s test (please don’t do this), you’ll need to pick the person you copy off carefully.

According to one student, a very smart friend was constantly having their test paper copied by one specific individual – and once she noticed, she knew how to pull the wool over the cheater’s eyes.

She filled out the test incorrectly, waited for the copycat to hand in his paper, then erased all her answers and filled it in correctly – while he watched in disbelief.

Niamh Ollerton, Deputy Head of Content at QS
Written by Niamh Ollerton

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