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Your Karma Score and the TopMBA Community

By Staff Writer

Updated June 30, 2017 Updated June 30, 2017

We are all subject to the consequences of our actions and those actions form an important part of who we are.

In a community, an individual’s actions can help them to build a good reputation and enjoy the support of others.

Active members of’s community can earn Karma points in a number of ways and are encouraged to do so. Essentially, the more useful your contribution is to other members of the community, the more likely you are to reap the rewards!

Here’s how you can earn Karma points by posting and interacting with comments:

  • Posting a comment: 1 Karma point per comment
  • Gaining a ‘like’ for your post from another member: 10 Karma points for every ‘like’ for the first 25 ‘likes’ received by a post; 15 Karma points for every ‘like’ received when a post’s total ‘likes’ are between 26 and 50; 20 Karma points for every ‘like’ received when a post’s total ‘likes’ are above 50
  • Liking the post of another member: 1 Karma point for every ‘like’

You can also earn Karma points by creating a strong member profile (also known as 'user profile') that eases the extent to which other members can follow your actions and/or get in touch to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas. Here’s how:

  • Completing your member profile: 25 Karma points for each of the four steps completed
  • Finishing your member profile: 20 Karma points bonus for finishing all four profile-completion steps
  • Adding institutions to your MBA planner/shortlist: 15 Karma points per institution added
  • Sharing of information, resources and updates through your profile or timeline: 2 Karma points per share
  • Number of people you follow: 1 Karma point per person followed
  • Number of people who follow you: 10 Karma points per follower attained

This article was originally published in June 2017 .

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