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9 GMAT Blogs

9 GMAT Blogs

June 5 -- less than a month from today -- marks the first day of the new GMAT. How do you keep track of all the changes to the GMAT, along with all the tips and tricks you need to ace the test? GMAT blogs are a good place to start. While many of these blogs are written by test prep companies, they provide readers with free information and resources to help them do well on the GMAT.



GMAC logoGMAC's Official GMAT Blog

This blog is written by GMAC, the company that produces the GMAT. In addition to general GMAT information, this blog discusses GMAC's GMAT prep products and a variety of GMAT related products.



Beat the GMAT

Beat the GMAT began as a blog and has two different GMAT themed blog feeds, one for content from GMAT prep companies and another for content from GMAT tutors. Since content from multiple blogs is all gathered on one page, it saves you the hassle of visiting each blog individually.



GMAT Club logoGMAT Club Blog

Like the Beat the GMAT blogs, the GMAT Club Blog aggregates blog posts from different GMAT prep companies such as Knewton, and Aringo.



GMAT Pill logoGMAT Pill

While it technically isn't labelled a blog, the front page of GMAT pill has lots of information on the new GMAT. GMAT Pill content is also frequently included in the GMAT Tutor Blog section of Beat the GMAT.



Manhattan GMATManhattan GMAT

Manhattan GMAT's blog content includes practice problems, links to free GMAT resources, giveaways, and interviews with authors of their study guides.



Magoosh GMAT Blog

Magoosh is a video subscription GMAT and GRE prep service. Their blog, which is updated several times a week, offers many GMAT tips and tricks, as well as several articles on the upcoming integrated reasoning section.



Crackverbal logo

Crack Verbal Blog

The blog from GMAT prep company Crack Verbal not only covers GMAT-related content, but also has articles on other MBA admissions related topics such as tips from successful applicants and essay help.


Veritas PrepVeritas Prep Blog

What do TLC, Kanye West and the common GMAT traps have in common? They were all mentioned in a recent Veritas Prep blog post. The folks at Veritas Prep try to keep their blog fun by explaining GMAT-related concepts through the use of pop culture references. The Veritas Prep blog also covers general admissions information and business school news.



Tips to Crack GMAT Math

Written by the GMAT prep company 4GMAT, this blog walks GMAT takers through math questions and provides links to additional practice questions. It is updated a few times a month and the authors are responsive to reader comments.

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