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10 GMAT Apps for Test Success

By Nicole Willson

Updated April 20, 2021 Updated April 20, 2021

Whether you want to practice GMAT questions on the subway or take an entire GMAT class on your iPad, there's an app for that. Apps are free unless otherwise noted.

GMAT Apps for iPhone 

Veritas Prep GMAT Practice Quiz

The free GMAT Practice Quiz app allows you to work on GMAT practice questions from any location. You can practice answering five types of GMAT questions: Data Sufficiency, Problem Solving, Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. Diagnostics allow you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Many reviewers of the app said that it allows them to easily add GMAT study into the free moments of their day.

GMAT ToolKit for iPhone/iPad

Cost: $24.99

This app from GMAT Club was featured on the iTunes What's Hot List as well as BusinessWeek. The app consists of questions sets from well-known test companies such as Kaplan, Knewton, and Manhattan GMAT, along with flashcards, games, and a timer.

GMAT Pill iPhone App

The GMAT Pill iPhone app delivers video tutorials for the Problem Solving, Sentence Correction, Data Sufficiency, and Critical Reasoning sections. The GMAT Pill app also works on the iPad. For more information on GMAT Pill, check out our GMAT Videos article.

GMAT Apps for iPad

Veritas Prep GMAT on Demand

This app allows you to take the GMAT on Demand course entirely on your iPad or iPhone. While the app is free, the lessons are not. You must either be an existing GMAT on Demand student or buy lessons a la carte in order to use the app for GMAT study.

GMAT Connect for iPad

Cost: $14.99

Watermelon Express' GMAT Connect app has 1,000 practice questions, 4,000 vocabulary words, and practice exams.  In addition, the makers of GMAT Connect claim that the app can help you find other people to study with. Some practice exams must be purchased from with the app. An iPhone version of the app is available for $9.99.

GMAT Practice for Dummies

Cost: $9.99

This app allows you to take study questions and practice tests. Feedback is given in response to your answers for each question. The GMAT Practice for Dummies app can also be used on the iPhone.

GMAT Apps for Android

The Official Guide for GMAT Review - 12th Edition

Cost: $4.99

Created by the Graduate Management Admissions Council, the Official Guide for GMAT Review offers official questions along with answers and explanations from the people who write the GMAT. You can also use the app to rank yourself against other users and sign up to take the test. Additional sets questions can be purchased at the price of $9.99 for 250 questions. The Official Guide for GMAT Review is also available for the iPhone.

IntelliVocab for SAT, GRE, GMAT

Designed by MIT students, the IntelliVocab app provides definitions for 694 words used on the SAT, GRE, and GMAT. App users are quizzed about their meaning. According to the Android Community blog, the questions focus on the context of the words -- how they are written and how they sound. The test section gives you 12 minutes to give the meanings to 30 words, and assesses your answers. The app is designed to provide users with a custom learning schedule and feedback. Unfortunately, some people (including app reviewers and the author of this article) have had trouble accessing the practice questions section of the app. The IntelliVocab app is also available for iPhone.

GMAT Timer

The GMAT Timer app is designed to help GMAT takers budget their time. It is ideal for use during practice tests since it's gives you an idea of how much time you have to spend on each section. You can use it take a practice test or just practice taking one section. There is also a full version of the GMAT Time app which costs $1.99 and has no ads.

Magoosh GMAT Prep App

The Magoosh GMAT Prep app allows you to take Magoosh's video lessons from your iPhone. Most of the app content is only available to those with a Magoosh premium account. App content includes 22 hours worth of video lessons covering the GMAT's math, verbal, and analytical writing sections.

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