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6 Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Who should you be following on Twitter to stay up-to-date with developments in the business world?

As you’re researching your MBA, no doubt you’ll want to keep abreast of business news and trends. What better way to stay in the loop than using your smartphone to scan the best social media accounts? Here, we track down six Twitter accounts you can’t afford to miss out on:


I doubt we need to give much of an intro to these guys, but they’ve made the cut because their videos and talks inspire millions each day. Whether you’re looking to polish your presentation skills or simply watch an uplifting video that shows you a new way of thinking, stay tuned for their gems. Regularly updated, never fails to make you think.


Richard Florida is a well-respected urban studies theorist with a highly active twitter newsfeed covering everything from social to economic theory, and a good amount of management news and trends in between. Florida’s interest in ‘social urbanism’ is heavily referenced across his feed, giving followers a rich vein of sources on the topic from all four corners of the globe. Whether this is the focus of your MBA or not, his tweets will give you food for thought when it comes to combining business with urban trends.


Steve Case burst onto the tech scene, as cofounder, chief executive and chairman of America Online, or AOL, as we all know it as now. Since his retirement, he has made many sound investments in startups within the ‘sharing economy’ and is CEO of a large investment fund, Revolution LCC. Follow him on Twitter for the latest updates on his theories about tech mergers, leadership and inspiring quotes to live by.


Gemma Godfrey, has gone from strength to strength in the business world since she graduated in the early 2000s with a bachelor’s degree in quantum physics. Working within the financial tech industry, she has become an insightful and polished presenter and board member for a number of businesses. Her latest venture, Moola, helps users budget effectively. Follow her twitter feed to give you a discerning take on politics, business, free markets and more.


Does exactly what it says on the tin. Follow this excellent online magazine to keep up to speed with market newcomers in the world of entrepreneurship, as well as the latest tips and tricks to manage time, budgets and business plans effectively. Packed with influencer articles and features, as well as some decent lists, this is one not to miss.


Another great gem of a website, Fast Company combines lighter pieces with some very fine-tuned journalism. Here is the land of aspiration, ambition and drive, with some excellent news pieces and features on the latest market trends and analysis. An easy read and a definite keeper.

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