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Infosys Follows Trends by Increasing MBA Jobs and Internships

Infosys Follows Trends by Increasing MBA Jobs and Internships: MBA News main image

Infosys, one of India’s leading global consulting and IT companies, is aiming to fill 200 MBA jobs and internships with graduates from top business schools, the largest recruitment drive in its history. Hiring from top institutions such as INSEAD and Harvard Business School, the push will cement Infosys as one of the biggest providers of MBA jobs in the world.

The new hires will be recruited directly into sales and will be highly international, with a third coming from Europe. Only 15 students will be recruited from India. “About 97% of business comes from outside India and the hiring exercise will reflect this,” explains Infosys’s global head of business development, Srikanth Iyengar.

Traditionally hiring experienced professionals domestically, the push towards overseas business schools marks a change in the firm’s MBA jobs strategy. “The shift to hiring straight from business schools is a sign that Infosys is moving from offering pure technology services to solving wider business problems….the hope is that a business degree equips people with the skills required in these client-facing roles, helping them to build a brand strategy… the recruitment is part of Infosys’ strategy to build a culturally diverse team to support expansion in overseas markets,” said Iyengar.

MBA jobs and internships on the rise in India

According to the QS TopMBA.com Jobs and Salary Trends Report, MBA jobs in India have been steadily increasing in volume since 2010. This has been reinforced by regional trends in the Asia Pacific region, which experienced a 20% increase in MBA jobs in 2013, with a further 38% this year forecasted over the course of 2014.

This has led to a greater number of opportunities for MBA graduates from international business schools to enhance their business skills and gain exposure to the emerging markets and India’s unique culture.

This takes the form of internships as well as MBA jobs. “Infosys has developed strong relationships with international business schools and earned a name for its global internship program, InStep, which has been running since 1999… interns delve into many, wide ranging roles from marketing, corporate strategy to more hands on projects,” states Iyengar.

In 2013, the InStep internship program attracted 160 MBA students from over 100 institutions and over 40 different nationalities. There are plans to ramp this number up to as many as 200 internships this year.

Started in 1981, Infosys is a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing solutions with US$8.25bn in FY14 revenues and 160,000+ employees. Currently, Infosys market capitalization is approximately US$31 billion.

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