London Business School Economist Wins Inaugural Award: MBA News |

London Business School Economist Wins Inaugural Award: MBA News

By Pavel Kantorek

Updated May 29, 2019 Updated May 29, 2019

London Business School professor Hélène Rey has been awarded the inaugural Carl Menger Prize, one of several academic awards for business school professors, for her work in the field of monetary macroeconomic and policy research. The Carl Menger Prize, which will be awarded on a biennial basis, is awarded by Verein für Socialpolitik, a German economics association, and is named for – no prizes for guessing – Carl Menger (1840-1921), an Austrian economist who founded the Austrian School of Economics…which we won’t try to explain here (there’s a Wikipedia entry if you’re curious/need help getting to sleep tonight).

In short though, the Carl Menger Prize is awarded to those who show excellence in research pertaining to monetary macroeconomics, monetary policy and foreign exchange policy. So if that’s your area of interest, then London Business School, it seems, is to place to be.

Of course, London Business School is certainly not the only place to be if you want to learn in the illustrious presence of holders of academic awards…


The Nobel Prize and academic awards at business schools


Where better to start than with the academic award of academic awards: the Nobel Prize. Last year’s economics Nobel Prize was shared by Eugene Fama and Lars Peter Hansen, whose company you can enjoy if you study at Chicago Booth, and Robert J Schiller, who plies his trade at the Yale School of Management, "for their empirical analysis of asset prices”. The year before, Harvard’s Alvin Roth shared the Nobel Prize with UCLA’s Lloyd S. Shapley.

Back in London, Imperial College Business School’s Carol Propper was recently elected a Fellow of the British Academy – a sort of hall of fame for academics in the fields of humanities and social sciences. Or, moving away slightly from academic awards, if you’re all about destroying the competition, you may be inclined to study at the feet of W Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne from INSEAD, whose Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant won the accolades of being voted one of the three best management books in 2013 by Harvard Business Review and one of the 15 Best Business Books of the last decade in Russia.

This year’s Nobel Prize awards are due to be awarded in October. The economics prize typically is the last of the awards to be handed out. 

This article was originally published in May 2016 . It was last updated in May 2019

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