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TOPMBA economics by date
Weekly business news round-up
26 Jun 2015
Greece bailout, Minnesota top ranked of the best states for business, and the Gates foundation backs renewable tech in this week’s business news round-up.
Lehman Brothers CEO voices his opinion on the crash's origins
29 May 2015
Former Lehman Brothers CEO, Dick Fuld, speaks out on causes of the bank’s demise and a new study highlights the US’s recovery as one of ‘extreme variation’.
UK business’ immediate reaction to election results and other news.
08 May 2015
UK business’ reaction to election results, dissatisfaction over pay in the banking industry and the case of Moldova’s missing US$1 billion.
TOPMBA economics by date
London Business School award winner
11 Sep 2014
Hélène Rey, a professor of economics at London Business School has won the first Carl Menger Prize for her research into macroeconomics and policy. 
IMF names MBA faculty among its 25 bright young economists
28 Aug 2014
IMF list of 25 economists who will shape understanding of global economy in years to come includes a number of US business school faculty members.
US Economy Ends 2013 with better Growth than Anticipated: MBA News main image
28 Mar 2014
Commerce Department report for the final quarter of 2013 shows positive signs, although weather conditions have since been holding the economy back.
Academics Funded for Supporting Financial Speculation: MBA News main image
02 Jan 2014
Business academics are scrutinized for defending commodities market speculation on Wall Street, having received large donations for their schools.