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The right MBA program for you will depend on your specific career goals
13 Oct 2016
Everyone has career goals, but before you dive into an MBA program, here are some ideas and options to think about first.
Global Network for Advanced Management enters its fourth year
01 Jun 2015
Three years on from its launch, Yale SOM has been reflecting on the progress made by the Global Network for Advanced Management.
Online MBA sees UIUC College of Business partner with Coursera
07 May 2015
UIUC College of Business partners with MOOC platform, Coursera, to allow students free access to credits that can be put towards a full online MBA.
TOPMBA MOOCs by date
Improving business practices and putting dark days behind
02 Apr 2015
HSBC’s compliance reform; companies in China urged to act on sustainability; are MOOC courses for teachers?; and politicians reach out to UK business.
Wharton expansion of MOOC courses
12 Feb 2015
The Wharton School, joint number one in the QS Global 200 rankings in the US this year, is to offer up an increased selection of MOOC courses.
MBA news: 2014 in review
31 Dec 2014
As 2014 draws to a close, we look at the year in review with some of the year's biggest stories affecting MBA programs at the world's top business schools.
MOOC MBA insights from one student's journey
03 Dec 2014
The experiences of Laurie Pickard, as she seeks to earn a MOOC MBA equivalent, offer valuable insights into the format’s strengths and weaknesses.
MBA blogs
20 Nov 2014
Test scores, interviews, business school acceptances and rejections; it’s certainly a good time to be a follower of MBA blogs!