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TOPMBA self reflection by date
Growth mindset's use in obtaining a strong GMAT score
18 Jun 2015
A growth mindset can make all the difference in your GMAT preparation. Rowan Hand explains how to develop this mindset to raise your GMAT score.
Skills assessment
05 Dec 2014
A skills assessment can be crucial in helping you to define your professional future and find the right career in your next job search.
What are the Crown Jewels Within You? main image
21 Aug 2014
The self-reflection emphasized in the Lancaster MBA has helped Yuki put her crowning talents front and center.
TOPMBA self reflection by date
A Study Tour for Self-Reflection main image
27 May 2014
International experience through a study tour of Southeast Asia provides self-reflection for Lancaster University Management School student, Yuki.
Developing Mindful Management Skills as Part of the Lancaster MBA main image
12 Mar 2014
The Lancaster MBA asks Yuki Takahashi to constantly reflect on herself as a manager and a person.