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What is a Skills Assessment and How Can it Help You?

Whether you are in the midst of a job search or you already have one, it’s likely that you will be asking yourself some questions. Where am I, professionally speaking? What sorts of jobs should I be looking at? Is the job that I currently have (or the one I last had) really suitable to me? To answer this question, many will turn to a skills assessment.

Identify strengths and weaknesses during your job search

This exercise will better define your skills, including your weaknesses and strengths. "Before any assessment, a preliminary interview takes place without engagement. It allows you to review your needs and expectations, then objectives are defined" explains Geraldine Varone, professional development consultant to the Mode d'emploi foundation, specialists in skills assessment.

Three modules together or separately, follow this: the assessment module, the orientation module and the job search. The first two are generally occur one after the other. People who are not really familiar with job searches can request to undertake the third module that teaches them how to write a résumé and prepare an application.

The skills assessment

During the assessment, professional experience, as well as non-professional experience such as volunteering or hobbies are listed and analyzed and used to identify three to five key skills. An assessment of your personality, interests and values ​​complete the analysis, according to the needs and desires of each participant. Career goals are then set, and an action plan developed to help to the plan come to fruition.

The reason why such skills assessments are so successful is because they are suitable for all many different profiles. "We meet people who are unhappy with their jobs, as well as those who are obliged to change occupation for health reasons, for example," says Geraldine Varone. Moreover, the skills assessment doesn’t have to arise from an obstacle in your career. "It's very rewarding. Thanks to the assessment, people who we work with become aware that they have more skills then they thought they had."

However, a skills assessment is not to be taken lightly during your job search. It requires a large effort by the participant, usually several dozen hours. The total duration of the assessment varies from one person to another, but it usually takes place over a six month period.

In addition, this is a significant financial investment that can amount to more than US$2,000, according to the number of modules selected. One final note: It is preferable to choose an agency with suitable regional accreditation.

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Christelle Genier is a journalist for JobticMag, the online magazine of Jobtic, a job board in Switzerland. Since the beginning of her career in journalism in 2005, she has worked with many media companies in the Romandie region in Switzerland, such as 24 Heures, Tendance Déco and Night & Day.

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This article was originally published in December 2014 . It was last updated in January 2018

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