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TOPMBA social entrepreneurship by date
NYU Stern startup competition
06 May 2015
Winners, including two MBA alumni, claim a total of US$200k in prize money across three categories at NYU Stern’s annual startup competition.
Wharton School MBA graduation speakers
03 Mar 2015
Choice of speakers for May’s MBA graduation at Wharton is testament to growing interest in combining social responsibility and entrepreneurship.
Columbia Business School expanding social enterprise resources
29 Jan 2015
Growth in social entrepreneurship interest leads to expansion of Columbia Business School’s hub for social enterprise activities.
TOPMBA social entrepreneurship by date
MBA graduate examples in Forbes' 30 under 30
07 Jan 2015
MBA graduate examples from Forbes’ 2015 30 under 30 list of high achieving young people can be found working in many walks of life.
social entrepreneurship
12 Nov 2014
Guest blogger Theandra Sokolowski of Saïd Business School shares the social entrepreneurship focus that drives MBA students towards intrapreneurship.
Social Entrepreneurs Heading to Oxford on MBA Scholarships: MBA News main image
16 Jul 2014
Saïd Business School’s Skoll Centre reaches 10 years of offering full MBA scholarships to social entrepreneurs with announcement of its latest winners.
Landing My Dream Job with Venture Capital Firm Villgro main image
14 May 2014
MBAs Without Borders alumnus Paul Belknap discusses how international experience with a social enterprise helped him pursue his dream job.