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Thunderbird Poised to Spread its International Reach: MBA News

Thunderbird Poised to Spread its International Reach: MBA News main image

The announcement earlier this year of a potential partnership between Thunderbird School of Global Management and Laureate Education, Inc. is growing closer to fruition as terms of the strategic deal are in the process of being finalized.

When implemented, the partnership will allow Thunderbird to draw on Laureate Education’s substantial international network of campus-based and online universities to offer programs in major cities throughout the world.

From these facilities, it is expected that Thunderbird will be able to establish permanent campuses in cities such as Paris, Madrid, Sao Paulo and Santiago de Chile, to run executive education programs as well as to develop new online and undergraduate degree programs.

“Thunderbird becomes even more global with plans for the increased international access and resources of our new partner. This partnership opens important new doors for global companies employing our graduates”, said Thunderbird School of Global Management’s president, Dr. Larry Edward Penley, in the press release first announcing the proposal.

Laureate Education link will not affect independence of Thunderbird School of Global Management

The crux of the matter is that yes, this is to be a partnership with a commercial education provider, but one that promises to be paramount in preserving Thunderbird School of Global Management’s independence as a non-profit academic organization. 

Indeed, it is estimated that the deal with Laureate Education could bring in over US$100 million over the next ten years for Thunderbird, which it says will allow the school to increase scholarship funding, strengthen its programs and to expand faculty resources.

It is to be a new joint-entity establishment, rather than anything approaching a merger or acquisition, as any new programs will require Thunderbird’s seal of approval. Meanwhile, full control will be retained over its curriculum, faculty and admission standards across the board, including on its existing MBA programs at its Arizona home in the US.

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