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Politics and Policy Analysis Bocconi-LSE Double Degree

Politics and Policy Analysis Bocconi-LSE Double Degree

Bocconi University

Bocconi University Campus, Milan, Italy

Bocconi and the London School of Economics and Political Science are proud to offer high-caliber students a Double Degree program in European and International Public Policy and Politics, delivered by world-leading experts in public policy and politics. 

This  Double Degree  will allow students to spend their first year at Bocconi (2020/21 AY), attending the MSc in Politics and Policy Analysis, and their second year (2021/22 AY) at London School of Economics and Political Science. 

The program focuses on European politics and policy-making in an international context, with elective courses that provide a critical assessment of Europe’s role in the world, and spanning the fields of political science, law, economics, social policy and other social sciences. Furthermore, participants will enjoy a unique combination of courses and internships, and will gain research experience while completing their thesis.


1st Year at Bocconi University:

First semester, students learn the key concepts of political theories and phenomena in a comparative perspective as well as quantitative methods for theoretical (game theory) and empirical (statistics and econometrics) analysis regarding politics and public policy, and the organization of public administration and its interaction with political systems 

Main topics:

  • Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis
  • Comparative Politics
  • Functioning of Public  Sector
  • Public Economics

Second semester, students acquire advanced knowledge of international relations, they become familiar with the legal and institutional aspects of negotiation and implementation of international agreements, and they understand the crucial role of population dynamics and demographic changes (such as aging, migration, fertility and the evolution of gender roles)  on political behavior and on the policy making process.

Main topics:

  • Legal Aspects of Policy Making
  • International Relations
  • Population Dynamics and Demography

2nd Year at London School of Economics and Political Science


European Policy-making and International Cooperation

Professional Skills Development (compulsory)

Engaging with Europe: Professional Skills Evidence

Evidence and Analysis in Policy-making


European Policy-Making and International Cooperation

Evidence and Analysis in Policy-making

The Politics and Policies of Brexit

International Migration and Migration Management

Informal Governance

Policy-making in European Union

Introduction to Quantitaive Analysis

The Second Europe

Internship (compulsory)

Foreign languages (two languages)


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About University

Founded in 1902, Bocconi was the first university in Italy to offer degrees in business and economics, and today, after over a century of development and expansion, Bocconi is widely recognised as one of the top European institutions of higher learning and research in the fields of management, economics, finance, data science, cyber risk and political science. Bocconi is constantly striving to combine a strong theoretical background with real-world applications, and to attract the kind of talented students who are potential future business leaders.

Choosing a Bocconi Master of Science degree is a smart move for a number of reasons, and will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • study at a university that is highly placed in the most prestigious international rankings
  • benefit from a complete learning experience
  • take advantage of our preferential relations with top employers worldwide
  • apply for one of the international opportunities offered by our network of partner schools
  • enjoy an international experience in Milan, the Italian capital of finance, fashion and design

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