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A GENERALIST MBAAN INNOVATIVE PROGRAMMEThe internationally renowned University of Paris-Sorbonne and CELSA, a graduate school of reference in communications, marketing and human resources, offer a part-time Executive MBA programme entitled “Management, Communications and Societies”.This generalist MBA differs from other programmes in its unique value added deriving from the fields of excellence and expertise of the Sorbonne and CELSA.- Fundamentals of management and conduct of business You develop your competencies in the key areas of corporate management: strategy and organisation, finance, marketing, human resources, communication, auditing and management.- Societies, cultures and marketsYou build on your knowledge of international societies, cultures and markets. You understand how they interact and learn how to integrate them into a development strategy and your decision-making. - Social and human sciences, communicationYou benefit from an innovative approach to the conduct of business thanks to a multi-disciplinary approach to the teaching of the social and human sciences and communications, to grasp the social mechanisms and stakes involved in all intelligent business action. You also benefit from CELSA know-how as regards the integration of communications into all fields of management. The aim of the MBA programme is to train executives to anticipate change and manage their organisations in an arena becoming increasingly complex, international and multicultural.By reinforcing your personal and professional skills, the programme provides the means for career development towards managerial, strategic and international positions. THE UNIVERSITY PARIS-SORBONNEFounded 750 years ago, heir to the former Faculty of Literature of the University of Paris, the University of Paris-Sorbonne illustrates university excellence in the Humanities field in languages, literature, social and human sciences. Faithful to its international calling, 4500 of the 26000 students who enrol each year at the University of Paris-Sorbonne are from abroad.CELSAThe CELSA, the graduate school in the information and communication sciences, was founded in 1957. Part of the Sorbonne University, the school offers advanced training programmes in communication, human resources, marketing/advertising, intercultural management and journalism. The high calibre of its programmes and teachers has made Celsa a reference, and it trains 800 students and professionals each year.


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