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We believe strongly in a life long learning that prepares and enables you to become a responsible business leader in a fast changing world. We place strong emphasis on learning-by-doing approach, and strive for creating an innovative environment that enables you to have a high caliber education and training. As we are well located in Central Europe, you will enjoy a multicultural and international faculty and student body. The Danube Business School provides an environment where East meets West with strong links to the business community and relationships with partners from both Eastern as well as Western European countries. We mean business! The postgraduate Danube MBA programs offer innovative, customized education for experienced executives and managers in all career positions as well as for young graduates. The Danube business school offers three distinguished categories: Category 1: One of the hallmarks of the „Danube Executive MBA” program is its comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach. You will learn the latest management and leadership skills, techniques and knowledge. In addition, this program prepares you for your next career move by expanding your professional and personal capabilities. The program is aimed at experienced executives. Category 2: “The Danube Professional MBA” is aimed at mid-career executives looking for career advancement. This program is characterized by its unique modular design of both generalist and specialist course content. You can tailor this program to your individual and professional needs. Category 3: “The Danube MBA” offers a general management education and training, which prepares you for a successful career in management. The program is aimed at young academics and entry-level managers who want to acquire the necessary business know-how.


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