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  • The postgraduate MBA study programme at Saarland University has a long history. It is located at the European Institute for Advanced Behavioural Management at Saarland University. When it was introduced in 1990, it was the first study programme at a German university leading to an MBA degree.
  • Cutting-edge education is the foundation on which our programme is built. Our MBA programme focuses on “European Management” and is attractive to a wide target audience including practitioners, academics and international graduates – working both with Europe and within it. See here how you could benefit from our MBA programme.
  • The postgraduate MBA programme is offered in English language. It can be completed in full-time or part-time and comprises 15 classes and a master thesis.
  • Modules include Management Basics, European Basics, Financial Management, Marketing and Management, Operations Management, and Behavioural Management.
  • The courses are held by distinguished professors from renowned universities from Germany and other European countries. Learn more about our professors and lecturers.
  • Some of the courses are offered as International Weeks at a university abroad, i.e. in France, Spain and in the United Kingdom for the academic year 2019-20. Field trips and other events help to deepen and apply theoretical knowledge and to socially interact with other students, practitioners, and academics.

  • The MBA programme is system-accredited. Having passed through the internal accreditation process by the Quality Management Teaching and Studying of Saarland University, the programme has been granted the Saarland University Quality-Label as well as the Seal of the Accreditation Council.


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