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    Position in the QS World University Rankings: Global MBA Rankings 2020
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    27-34 Yrs.


INCAE is a world-class business school, founded in 1963 with the support of visionary leaders in American business, President John F. Kennedy and Harvard University. It is a place to meet and educate business leaders. Due, in large part, to the cultural diversity among students and faculty, students gain awareness of issues specific to emerging markets, especially in the LA region.

More than 13k graduates in +50 countries around the world have begun their careers as competent individuals with the international competitiveness received by our international faculty and they have differentiated themselves by having strong skills to correctly analyse emerging markets.

Students are provided extensive training in real life - case resolution and decision making through the Case Study Method, which encourages and promotes self-knowledge, allowing the participants to evaluate their own skills. Through analysis and discussion of actual business situations from global, regional and local companies students strengthen their ability to sculpt and scrutinize an argument. The spectruct of study cases range from entrepreneurships, NGOs, government, corporations, and regional family-business.

With constant practice defending their claims INCAE graduates will master a fundamental skill: persuasive speaking.

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