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  • DemographyAverage age of students across all MBA programs at the institution.
    25-27 Yrs.
  • ScholarshipIndication as to whether the institution provides scholarships for MBA programs.


In support of the LAU Adnan Kassar School of Business mission, the MBA program provides students with a high-quality education that managers seek to solve complex problems in today’s global business environment. We seek to form business professionals with solid analytical, communication and leadership skills in an ethical framework.

The MBA candidate will:

  • Utilize appropriate techniques to effectively solve business problems.
  • Be an effective team player.
  • Possess an understanding of the ethical and social dimensions of decision making process.
  • Possess professional communication skills.

Admission requirements and exams

To be eligible for admission on any of the competitive programs offered at the Lebanese American University, you’ll need a previous bachelor’s degree from a reputed university, recommendations from two professors familiar with your academic prowess, proof of your proficiency in English, and good GRE or GMAT scores. You’ll also need to be interviewed by the university’s graduate admissions council.

To apply, submit copies of your transcripts and diplomas, along with a passport-size photo, your standardized test scores and a non-refundable fee (US$ 80 for paper applications, US$ 65 for online applications).  Read more about admissions here.

Programs Available

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