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Woman Entrepreneur

The number of women-owned businesses is growing. While this means that more sales and jobs are being generated by women-owned businesses, these businesses still account for a smaller percentage of overall US sales and employees. Read on for more women entrepreneur statistics, as well as the differences between female and male business owners.



    • During the 2008 economic downturn, 5% of "high potential women" and 4% of "high potential men" left their jobs to start their own businesses. (Catalyst, 2009)


    • In 2007, 7.8 million companies were owned by women -- that's nearly 30% of all non-farm, privately held businesses. These women-owned businesses employed 7.6 million people and generated $1.2 trillion in sales. (Women-Owned Businesses in the 21st Century, 2010)





    • Since women-owned businesses are usually smaller, they generate a small percentage of US sales and employment. In 2010, women owned 30% of privately-held businesses, but these businesses accounted for only 11% of sales and 13% of employment. (Women-Owned Businesses in the 21st Century, 2010)


    • In 2009, 11% of companies backed by VC funding either had or used to have female CEOS or female founders. (Wall Street Journal, 2010)




  • The top four reasons gave for starting their own business were: the need for more flexibility (51%), hitting a glass ceiling (29%), dissatisfaction with their work environment (28%), and not feeling challenged at work (22%). (Catalyst, 1998)



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