Why You Don’t Need A Business Background to Apply to MBAs

Why You Don’t Need A Business Background to Apply to MBAs main image

One of the most common myths about MBAs is that you need a business background to apply.

We’ve spoken to admissions staff to find out why the ideal candidates might not necessarily be business graduates.

Jackie Brockmyre, Associate Director of Graduate Enrollment at Boston College Carroll School of Management, believes different academic and professional backgrounds can make candidates unique.

She says: “From an admissions perspective, we value the diversity in academic profile and in work history. We want students from Liberal Arts, from Engineering, students who have worked in non-profit business or non-business backgrounds as well.”

Eddie Asbie, Associate Director at Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business, describes the ideal MBA candidate as someone with a true understanding of the value of an MBA and how it can help them fulfil their goals.

He says: “We understand that there’s many options out there within an MBA program.”

Asbie advises candidates to use their application as a way to explain why they believe specific schools will allow them to make an impact in and outside of their studies.

Written by Linda Mohamed

Linda is Content Writer at TopMBA, creating content about students, courses, universities and businesses. She recently graduated in Journalism & Creative Writing with Politics and International Relations, and now enjoys writing for a student audience. 

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