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6 of the Best Books to Help With Your MBA Application

By Niamh Ollerton

Updated March 1, 2021 Updated March 1, 2021

The application process for business school is a long and daunting one, and at times, it may feel a little overwhelming. But don’t fret, there are a number of resources out there to help ease your worries and combat stress.

We’ve rounded up some of the best business books to help you succeed in the application process. Let’s take a look.

Great Applications for Business School, Second Edition by Paul Bodine

This book promises to help you get into the business school of your dreams by capturing the admissions board’s attention.

Competition for places at elite business schools is fierce, and the essays and admissions interviews are the most challenging parts of being an MBA candidate, so you need to stand out!

This book features the eight most-common admissions essay topics (and how to answer them), 22 essays of successful top school applicants, plus candid insights from admissions officers at top-ranked business schools.

MBA Admissions Strategy: From Profile Building to Essay Writing  by Avi Gordon

MBA Admissions Strategy promises to offer readers candid ‘what I wish they’d told me’ insights about what really works in MBA admissions, and a step-by-step guide of how to do it.

The third edition of the book has new material covering MBA interview success, in addition to traditional admissions essays.

It shows applicants:

  • What MBA admissions committees value and how they work
  • What to say in a b-school application, and how to say it well
  • How to answer tricky essay and interview questions

Your MBA Game Plan: Proven Strategies for Getting Into the Top Business Schools by Omari Bouknight

The third edition of Your MBA Game Plan includes even more sample essays and CVs from successful applicants, fresh insight into 35 leading business schools from around the world, and advice specifically for international applicants.

You’ll be shown how to:

  • Select target schools and highlight the personal characteristics and skill sets they seek
  • Navigate the 'GMAT or GRE?' question
  • Assess your own candidacy with the objective eye of an MBA admissions officer
  • Craft compelling essays and CVs that highlight your most impressive attributes and make you stand out to the admissions committee
  • Avoid mistakes that damage thousands of applicants' chances each year
  • Perform your admissions interviews with ease

The MBA Reality Check: Make the School You Want, Want You by Evan Forster & David Thomas

The MBA Reality Check is described as a no-nonsense guide to get you into business school while competition is high and industry requirements are evolving.

Top business schools don’t just want someone who looks good on paper, they want students who think outside the box with transformative vision.

Forster and Thomas promise to show you how to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace:

  • How applicants can find their own exceptional story to set them apart
  • What to include in an MBA application-and what to leave out
  • What b-schools really want to learn about candidates
  • How to turn any question into an opportunity to illustrate unique leadership qualities

The Best Business Schools' Admissions Secrets: A Former Harvard Business School Admissions Board Member Reveals the Insider Keys to Getting In by Chioma Isiadinso

Did you know top MBA programs reject more than 80 percent of applicants?

If you’re trying to beat the competition, knowing how to get fast-tracked to the ‘yes’ pile is worth its weight in gold.

Chioma Isiadinso, a former Harvard Business School MBA Admissions Board Member and founder of Expartus, offers you insider knowledge from one of the toughest admissions boardrooms across the globe to get you on the right track.

With a focus on branding yourself, Isiadinso’s book covers:

  • Understanding the admissions criteria
  • Essay essentials
  • Resumes and professional records
  • How to nail the interview
  • Critical mistakes to avoid

The Complete Start-To-Finish MBA Admissions Guide by Jeremy Shinewald

The Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide provides practical advice and exercises to help students differentiate themselves from other MBA applicants to get that coveted acceptance letter.

Although the MBA admissions process is competitive, success can be simple if you differentiate yourself from the vast sea of applicants.

The book is filled with exercises and examples, taking you through the entire MBA admissions process. The guide’s chapters feature:

  • Long-term planning to ensure you’re competitive
  • Creative brainstorming to build a foundation for standout essays
  • Writing dynamic personal goal statements and essays
  • Drafting an eye-catching and results-driven resume
  • Obtaining compelling and supportive recommendations
  • Preparing for a persuasive and effective interview (including 100 potential interview questions)

This article was originally published in July 2020 . It was last updated in March 2021

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