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The best free GRE prep resources in 2022

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The GRE is a standardised exam that is gaining popularity as it is accepted by a plethora of master’s programmes in a wide variety of academic disciplines. Since a high GRE score is a surefire way of bolstering your application and increasing your chances of gaining admission into your preferred program, we have assembled a list of free GRE prep resources to help you get started.

Every section of the GRE is covered on these websites through various techniques and strategies including practice questions, instructional videos and content summaries. With each website having unique qualities, you will certainly find one or more that fit your learning style perfectly.

If you would like to give yourself an advantage during the GRE prep period, we highly recommend taking the time to thoroughly explore our suggestions below to extract the most out of what they have to offer.

PowerPrep II

PowerPrep II is great software to help you get your preparation started as it offers online practice tests for free, which are from the organisation that administers the GRE, ETS. This resources also explains many of the basic questions students might have such as what you can bring to the test, how to use the calculator that is needed and information on accommodations in case that is something for which you would like to apply.

If you are looking to gain a fundamental understanding of what to expect from the various sections and questions on the GRE, how it is scored, the tools you will have at your disposal and an official diagnostic, then PowerPrep II is a resource worth your time!

Manhattan Review GRE Practice Questions

While not the biggest player on the market, Manhattan Review is a time-tested standardised test prep company that offers high-quality GRE prep courses, but also a variety of useful free resources of their website.

The free practice questions are certainly some of the best you can find with their strengths really shining on the verbal section. Each practice question comes with a detailed explanation of the solution and how to get there allowing you to use your study time productively.

Alongside the practice questions, you can also access GRE Vocabulary flashcards to tackle the demanding vocabulary requirement of the GRE without any form of registration.

You can also take advantage of their free full-length diagnostic GRE test, which simulates the actual test, which gives you a great base for figuring out how to exactly plan your preparation to give yourself the best chance of achieving your target score.

McGraw-Hill GRE practice test

McGraw-Hill is a great resource for a single free practice test, which has the advantage of being accompanied by explanations for all of the questions you will answer on it. They also provide videos on problem-solving and various other beneficial resources that will help with your GRE preparation.

GRE Tutor

GRE Tutor prides itself on both its free GRE practice questions and test-taking strategies, which gives it a unique edge. With many students not having taken a standardised exam since high school, spending time on the tips and tricks offered on GRE Tutor is a great use of energy as it can give you a competitive edge and alleviate anxiety.

This site is dedicated to GRE content and has valuable free resources that should be explored during the early stages of your prep period. GRE Tutor also has another site,, which offers even more practice questions on a wide variety of disciplines.

With the number of resources at your disposal, finding the ones that are most beneficial to your specific GRE preparation strategy can be a daunting task. This list was designed to save you the time of filtering through all of the free GRE resources and allow you more time to put into actually studying.

Getting properly prepared for the GRE is no easy task as the score you achieve greatly affects your chances of getting into the programs to which you are applying but making use of the free resources on the websites listed above will take you one step closer to finalising your GRE preparation strategy and schedule and conquering the GRE on test day!

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