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Why You Should Consider Doing a Deferred MBA main image

Applying to b-school can be scary, especially if you already have kick-started your career - but have you ever heard of a deferred MBA? Here's why it might be the right program for you. 

Should You Do a Mini MBA? main image

Between regular MBAs, EMBAs and Masters, there's an overwhelming amount of options, and choosing a b-school program can be hard. If you're not ready to commit to a full-time degree, perhaps you may want to consider a mini MBA. Here's why. 

MBA vs Specialized Business Master’s – Which One is Better for Your Career? main image

Not sure what the next step after your undergraduate degree should be? Find out why a specialized business master’s could be for you. 

TOPMBA alternatives to MBA by date
MBA vs Masters? What Do You Need to Know main image

If you're unsure as to whether an MBA or master's degree will work best for you, here's all you need to know.

Master’s in Business Analytics v MBA: What’s Different? main image

Business analytics is a fast-growing area of study, but how does it compare to the traditional MBA?

Business Masters: MBA vs MiM

How do MBAs compare to MiMs? We explore the pros and cons of each type of business qualification.

The top MBA articles of 2017

We've summarised the 10 most important and popular MBA articles on TopMBA this year.

Five Top Business Schools Launch Dual-Degree Master’s Degrees

Five of the world’s top business schools including Yale School of Management have joined forces to launch a dual-degree master’s course – highlighting the growing trend towards globalized and specialist courses. Here's what you need to know.