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TOPMBA student stories by date
Natasha Lakhani describes her first semester as an MBA at Imperial College Business School
15 Feb 2018

Natasha Lakhani, MBA student at Imperial College Business School in London, describes how her first semester went and why she can't wait to find out what the MBA has in store next.

Find out why Natasha Lakhani chose Imperial College Business School to study her MBA
15 Feb 2018 set down with Natasha Lakhani to find out why she chose Imperial College Business School in London to study her MBA.

Business students developing IT skills
15 Feb 2018

Looking for ways to stand out in the business job market? Here's why learning IT skills and dual degree programs could help.

TOPMBA student stories by date
Find out whether design thinking is here to stay
26 Jan 2018

Design thinking, the human-centered approach to solving problems, which places customers at its core, can make graduates more employable. But will it stick?

HEC's ethics cause taught by Benedictine monks
18 Jan 2018

How do business schools teach ethics? Here's one student's experience of that topic during his MBA at HEC

Studying an MBA
15 Jan 2018

Wondering how to get the most out of your MBA? Read our top tips.

Who were the big winners at the Wharton-QS Stars Reimagine Education Awards
18 Dec 2017

Nunzio Quacquarelli, CEO at QS, takes a look at the big winners from this year's Wharton-QS Stars Reimagine Education Awards.

Five teams present their pitches for the Operation Santa Claus Inter-school MBA Charity Challenge
07 Dec 2017

Participating teams kicked off the Operation Santa Claus (OSC) MBA Charity Challenge with a pitching fest as they launch their initiatives to help OSC beneficiaries