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TOPMBA technology by date
Kellogg MBAs are set to benefit from a new connection to the San Francisco Bay Area
17 May 2017

2,000 miles away from its main campus, the Kellogg School aims to meet MBA students’ interest in startups with program in the San Francisco Bay Area.

NYU Stern’s announces launch of new Tech MBA and Fashion & Luxury MBA programs
11 May 2017

Two new one-year MBA programs launching next year at NYU Stern lock their sights on expanding opportunities in the tech and luxury industries.

The influence of EdTech on the online MBA classroom
26 Apr 2017

Hologram people, robots and virtual reality: The ways in which the online MBA classroom is transforming.

TOPMBA technology by date
What career paths are open to those who study an MBA in Beijing?
19 Jan 2017

Where might an MBA in Beijing take your career? Guanghua School of Management helps us understand the choices at the disposal of its graduates.

MBA recruiter interview with Intuit
16 Jan 2017

Intuit’s director of early careers discusses the firm’s MBA opportunities and why a background in technology isn’t a prerequisite for success.

 EU Business School is located in Barcelona, one of the world’s leading ‘smart cities’
29 Nov 2016

Utkarsh Bakshi’s decision to study abroad is proving to be a wise move as he embarks on a career change with an MBA in Spain from EU Business School.

Attri Farahzadi was an MBA intern at VMware
19 Oct 2016

VMware’s human resources graduate intern discusses her experience working on the company’s new employee experience revamp.

MBA careers interview with the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management
14 Sep 2016

What role does the careers team at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management play in the program experience of its MBA students?

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