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Discover how an MBA can launch your career in technology
02 Mar 2018

The technology industry over recent years has become more and more attractive to MBAs. Find out why and how business schools will have to adapt to growing demand.

Why is the online MBA becoming increasingly popular?
30 Jan 2018

Time poor managers are turning to increasingly credible online MBA programs, which better replicate the nature of management today

Discover why humans are becoming more of a necessity, not less of one
18 Jan 2018

Nunzio Quacquarelli, CEO at QS, shares his thoughts on how technology is changing the face of the workplace and how MBA programs must adapt.

TOPMBA technology by date
What changes can business education students expect to see in 2018?
04 Jan 2018

Nunzio Quacquarelli, CEO at QS, shares his thoughts on the trends he expects to see in business education in 2018

Find out how business schools are dealing with the demand for Bitcoin knowledge
21 Dec 2017

Find out how top business schools are catering to the rapidly growing interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency

How are business schools preparing students to work alongside AI?
20 Dec 2017

The next generation of business leaders will need a new set of digital skills to be able to work alongside AI.

How is Technology Changing MBA Recruitment?
13 Nov 2017

While digital tools won’t replace the careers advisor anytime soon, business schools are rolling out artificial intelligence and predictive analytics technology to help their MBA students land jobs.

Business Schools Meld Medicine with Management
06 Nov 2017

More medical professionals are seeking an MBA to move into executive positions, leading business schools to create more dual degree programs