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Top 10 Reasons to Specialize in a Career in Technology

By Niamh Ollerton

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The technology industry is an increasingly popular destination for MBA graduates, with a wide variety of roles available for tech-savvy business students.

Read on to discover why a career in technology should be on your radar.

It’s the epicenter of research, development and innovation

A huge draw for working in the tech industry is the work itself. If discovery, development, innovation and research interest you, there is probably no better industry to be in.

Technology, as an industry, focuses on breaking new ground. Professionals in the tech sector are embedded in a culture of growth and advancement. A tech working environment allows for new and inventive concepts to take shape and develop.

The sector is a great fit for creative individuals too. Creativity is the driving factor for innovation which is always rewarded in the tech industry and being surrounded by like-minded creatives will further help the process.

Tech jobs aren’t going anywhere

The world needs software engineers now more than ever. There is such a demand for tech talent, and currently there are more ideas for software products than people to build them.

Programming requires creative thinking, and a competent understanding of human needs – and so machines won’t easily replace that.

For these reasons, choosing computer science and programming as a career path makes a lot of sense. While other careers might cease to exist in the near future, it’s likely we’ll always need programmers.

Meaningful work

There aren’t many industries that shift the way the world functions like technology does. It aims to make everything we do faster, better, and easier. If you like the idea of working for a company that’s transforming the world we live in on a rapid scale, you won’t find a better industry to specialize in.

Programmers are well paid

Computer programmers write and test code for computer and software applications. These professionals will take ideas, often created by developers and software engineers, and turn them into real-life programs.

Employees will need an understanding of computer language, including C++, Java, and more.

While a computer science degree helps, in the US you can earn a high salary without one. After a few years as a software engineer, if you are sharp and continue to challenge yourself, you’ll fly high in the industry.

Entry level salaries are anywhere from US$44,450 and up; median salaries are US$79,530; the top 10 percent earn US$130,800.

Culture and perks

It goes without saying that tech companies want to attract and retain the best talent to ensure the industry continues to grow.

Many companies offer perks including casual attire, on-site gyms, free food, on-site recreation activities such as video games and ping pong, wellness programs, and a variety of professional development programs.

Work-life balance and workplace flexibility

Of course, we’d all like to earn a high salary (and the generous salaries associated with tech jobs are a major draw), but money isn’t everything.

Another great thing about working in technology is that most positions provide an excellent work-life balance – with many tech jobs allowing employees the flexibility and possibility to work remotely.

Tech professionals aren’t boxed into a single industry

A career as a tech professional means you can work across a variety of industries and sectors.

Therefore, computer and IT professionals are able to pursue opportunities in anything from entertainment and healthcare to finance and government, working for either a start-up or a well-established corporation – or even a non-profit! The possibilities are endless.

High demand, high pay

As long as there are problems that require a solution within an industry, the skills held by a technology professional will always be an employable (and necessary) asset.

Because of this, technology professionals can expect considerable compensation – as their work is necessary, well-valued and difficult. This is why business leaders in technology are among some of the most well-paid professionals in any industry or organization.


If you’re up for being constantly challenged in your work, the technology industry is the perfect place.

A career in technology doesn’t just mean coming up with new ideas – it also means figuring out how to make sure those new ideas function.

The tech industry’s focus is on coming up with solutions, and so there’s a lot of problem solving involved. If you love a good puzzle, working in technology will be a great match for how your brain likes to operate.

Social change

Technology has long been a male-dominated field with women holding just 25 percent of tech roles.

This imbalance creates a huge opportunity for women to enter tech and make a big impact on the status quo and push for social change.

There are so many opportunities to learn in the tech industry, and so much potential to do interesting and innovative work, while influencing the next generation of women leaders.

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