Wednesday, November 06, 2013 at 12am

Asia Careers Fair Hosted by London Business School: MBA News

Asia Careers Fair Hosted by London Business School: MBA News main image

An MBA careers fair, the joint initiative of five leading European business schools, was held at London Business School last weekend. 

The Asia Careers Fair saw an opportunity for approximately 450 students to learn more about the possibility of pursuing MBA jobs in Asia by connecting directly with eighteen companies based in the region.

The host, London Business School, was joined by HEC Paris, IESE, IMD and the Rotterdam School of Management. The Asia careers fair followed on from a similar venture held previously at IESE that concentrated on the growing Latin American MBA market.

Expansion of MBA jobs in Asia makes European graduates vital

Present at the Asia careers fair were multinational and local companies recruiting for MBA jobs in Asia, including Credit Suisse and Shanghai-based investment company, Fosun, according to London Business School’s website.

Both types of employers emphasized their desire to recruit from business schools in Europe, saying that the expansion of MBA jobs in Asia necessitated global recruitment policies. Indeed, Fosun’s executive director of human resources, Kang Lan (an MBA alumna of The Wharton School) even signaled that MBA candidates in Europe often held an advantage over their US counterparts. “If we go to the US it is homogenous. In Europe it is very different. Now we prefer people who speak three languages”, she said in an article for the Financial Times.

The growth of MBA jobs in Asia as well as employer preferences for international experience, including language skills, are both important themes arising from this year’s QS TopMBA.com Jobs and Salary Trends Report.  Indeed, the report highlights a 20% increase for 2012/13, as reported by employers, in the number of MBA opportunities available in Asia, making it the fastest-growing MBA market in the world at this time. 

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