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Corporate Knights Rank Top Business Schools for Sustainability: MBA News

Corporate Knights Rank Top Business Schools for Sustainability: MBA News main image

A list of the top business schools offering MBA programs with the best success in integrating sustainability into their curricula has been released by Corporate Knights Magazine.

The tables of the top 30 business schools as well as a separate table ranking the top ten small schools were produced through the magazine’s Global Green MBA Survey.

Corporate Knights is a quarterly magazine that enjoys a large readership owing to its status as an insert in both the Washington Post and the Globe and Mail. Its focus lies in encouraging ‘clean capitalism’, which it defines as “An economic system in which prices incorporate social, economic and ecological benefits and costs, and [where] actors know the full impacts of their actions.”

The 30 top business schools are headed by Canada’s Schulich School of Business. Indeed, Canada scores highly in this survey, with its business schools making up four of the top ten. The remaining six schools in the top 10 feature two apiece from the US and UK as well as one entry each from South Korea and Denmark.

Sustainability in business education is no mere ‘fad’

Overall 11 countries appear in the top 30, something that Corporate Knights say is an indication that sustainability in business education is here to stay.

The methodology used by the survey ranks schools over three categories: faculty-led initiatives, student-led initiatives, and coursework. The top business schools listed are therefore those considered to be working hard to address societal and environmental issues in developing its MBA students into future leaders. They are also highlighted as good examples of those fostering a strong culture of ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR.)   

The list of the top ten small schools scores the leading green MBA programs at schools with under 100 graduates. It is singled out in this way due to a consideration that smaller schools should be assessed on their own merits. However, the first four top business schools here do also feature in the main table top ten, with the University of Exeter Business School sitting in first position.

The stated aim of the Global Green MBA Survey and subsequent ranking is to further the integration of sustainability into the MBA experience as well as to draw attention to innovation initiatives in pursuit of this goal.


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