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Cybersecurity’s Relevance to Business Underlined: MBA News

Saïd Business School helps produce new online resource on cybersecurity

Cyberspace safety and security is the goal of a new online resource (portal) formed between Saïd Business School and the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre.

The portal aims to position itself as a reference point for those seeking to better understand cybersecurity as well as government policies and regulations relating to this area. It will do this through sharing information and best practice sourced from around the world, in addition to providing a platform for the work of the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre – which is housed at the Oxford Martin School.

Executives must also address risks says Saïd Business School

Saïd Business School’s David Upton underlined the importance – from a managerial perspective - of keeping abreast and understanding the implications of developments in cybersecurity: 

“Cybersecurity needs a multipronged approach, and here at the [Saïd] Business School we’ve been focusing on education, leadership and skills. It’s increasingly clear that these risks need to be addressed at executive level, not just by the IT department, and this portal will be a key source of information to help with this,” Upton said.

Upton, who teaches operations management classes as part of the core MBA program at Saïd Business School, is currently researching the risks associated with insider cyber-attack and the challenges this presents for companies and their boards. Upton joined Saïd Business School in 2010, having spent 20 years on the faculty at Harvard Business School.

Although large scale breaches of cybersecurity understandably receive the most public attention, the dangers affect businesses of all size, as an event featuring representatives from PwC and Symantec held in the UK earlier this year emphasized. 

The work of Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre itself focuses on understanding how to deliver effective cybersecurity on an international level and collaborates with organizations such as the World Bank. Its director, Sadie Creese, said: “Building capacity in cybersecurity is essential to keeping our online environments, societies and economies safe and prosperous.”

The center’s aims, and the role of the new online portal, are outlined by Creese in the video below:

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