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Full-Time MBA Costs Cross US$200k Threshold and Other MBA New Snippets

Full-time MBA costs

The full costs behind taking a traditional full-time MBA spread over two years is now estimated to cost more than US$200,000 by two leading US schools.

NYU Stern and Stanford GSB are the two schools to cross this threshold, which is believed to be a first.

The annual budget planner at NYU Stern totals US$101,938 for the year, which would amount to US$203,876 for the duration of a full-time MBA. This includes over US$8,000 on ‘miscellaneous’ charges, such as student health insurance, and just under US$4,000 on registration fees, of which roughly US$1,500 goes towards the award-winning LAUNCH orientation program.  

The level of expenditure associated with Stanford GSB’s full-time MBA varies according to a student’s marital status and whether they choose to live on or off campus. A single person living on campus comes with the most affordable estimation, but this still stretches to US$99,435 each year and this doesn’t include costs for a required study abroad segment which will cost at least US$1,500. Assuming the addition of this amount, Stanford GSB’s total full-time MBA estimation is only a little way behind that of NYU Stern at US$200,370.

Forté Foundation deadline for preparatory MBA in Canada

The deadline for those who want to be involved with Forté Foundation’s first foray into the Toronto area is approaching. Its MBALaunch deadline for a 10-month preparatory program aimed at women who are looking to study an MBA falls on November 30.

The Forté Foundation – which works to increase access to business education among women - has three business school members in Canada, each of which will participate in the program: Rotman School of Management, Schulich School of Business and Queen’s School of Business.

“Having a network of supportive women who are going through it together is an important part of the [MBALaunch] program,” the Forté Foundation’s Krystal Brooks told the Globe and Mail.

MIT Sloan holds first phase of annual startup competition

MIT Sloan has held the first part of its annual US$100k startup competition.

The first of the startup competition’s three phases gives business ideas, rather than developed plans, the chance to shine in pitches limited to just one minute in length.

First place from the judges and US$5,000 this year went to Foxtrot Systems, an idea to take truck route optimization techniques used by the industry’s behemoths to small and medium enterprises.

A second audience’s choice award at the startup competition held on MIT Sloan’s campus also had a logistical slant. Fuel Drop’s idea of delivering gas (petrol) directly to the busy urban driver won US$2,000 for its three theoreticians, all of whom are students on the Leaders for Global Operations program at MIT Sloan.

Hot on the heels of Foxtrot’s victory at MIT Sloan was the school’s CFO Summit, an annual event which aims to gather together industry leaders, alumni and faculty to explore themes of successful financial leadership that this year included digital data and financial communications.

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