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IMF Names MBA Faculty Among New Global Economy Influencers: MBA News

IMF names MBA faculty among its 25 bright young economists

A new list of 25 economists earmarked by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to become key influencers in our understanding of the global economy over the coming decades features eight business school faculty members – of which seven are based in the US.

Chicago Booth has the most economists on the list with three faculty representatives, ahead of NYU Stern with two. Meanwhile, MIT Sloan and Columbia Business School contribute one apiece, as does London Business School – which together with the Paris School of Economics is the only non-US institution where one of the IMF’s 25 can be found.

Indeed, the IMF list as a whole reads almost like a who’s who of top universities in the US, with faculty from the economics departments at Harvard (six) and MIT (four) featuring strongly.  

The IMF’s Generation Next list of 25 new global economy influencers are all under the age of 45 and stem from the results of a survey of international economists and journal editors as well as readers of the IMF’s quarterly Finance & Development magazine.  

Chicago Booth boasts strong faculty in finance

The inclusion of business school faculty in the list makes it clear that one doesn’t have to be attached to a university’s economics department and that MBAs can also learn from those considered to be the global economy debate’s movers and shakers by an organization as renowned as the IMF.

At Chicago Booth, Amit Seru (an MBA alumnus of the University of Delhi) specializes in corporate finance while Matthew Gentzkow lectures in competitive strategy.  Amir Sufi, meanwhile, co-authored a book about household debt’s influence on this century’s Great Recession with another member of the IMF list, Atif Mian, now at Princeton having previously taught at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business as well as Chicago Booth.

Of NYU Stern’s representatives, Thomas Philippon has been leading classes in risk management and London Business School’s Hélène Rey has a strong interest in the global economy’s imbalances and takes courses on international macroeconomics and the global capital market. 

Chicago Booth, NYU Stern and London Business School all feature in the top five schools for MBA specializations in finance in QS’s annual employer-based rankings.

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