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Hands-on experience and Montreal’s business community were key for Allison Lickley's career switch
01 Sep 2016
Switching careers from touring musician to consultant, Allison Lickley couldn’t have guessed what her career path would look like before an MBA from Desautels. 
New business ethics center to be installed at Sauder
22 Jun 2015
C$7.5m partnership with Ocean Spray Cranberries chairman, Peter Dhillon, to fund business ethics center at UBC’s Sauder School of Business.
Global trade question in the US and Canada
15 May 2015
The debate over questions of global trade in the US and Canada and a mobile app preaching peace in the Middle East in this week’s roundup.
TOPMBA Canada by date
aerosapce indsutry and HEC Montréal
05 Dec 2014
In this week’s round-up: aerospace industry MBA at HEC Montréal, Oxford 1+1 MBA program scholars and construction plans on both sides of the Atlantic.
Arianna Huffington promotes book at Rotman event
20 Nov 2014
Third spectrum of success conveyed at a Rotman School of Management event as Arianna Huffington talks through the premise of her latest book, Thrive.
100% experiential learning MBA in Australia
29 Aug 2014
Recruiter opinion on MBA specializations and online graduates and a novel idea to maximize experiential learning feature in the August 22-29 round-up.
Think Outside the Classroom as an MBA Student main image
18 Mar 2014
Looking to make the most of your MBA experience? A McGill MBA student shares three things all students should do outside the classroom.
US$270,000 in MBA Scholarships up for Grabs at Rotman: MBA News main image
11 Feb 2014
Rotman School of Management offers US$270,000 in MBA scholarships for winners of its annual problem solving challenge.