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TOPMBA entrepreneurship by date
Lord Sugar and Dr Leah Tatton: Wikimedia Commons, Joeeddy8
18 Dec 2018
The Apprentice offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar should they win the competition. But which were triumphs, and which were flops? Find out more here.
An NTU scholarship is up for grabs
10 Apr 2017
Looking to study at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University? News of an exclusive scholarship for its MSc aimed at budding technopreneurs.
Which business schools can help you achieve startup success?
07 Feb 2017
Which business schools can help you achieve startup success? Alex Tachalova delves into Crunchbase’s database of entrepreneurs for the answer.
TOPMBA entrepreneurship by date
MIP alumnus and startup founder, Nikita Lukianets, on his MBA experience
08 Dec 2016
How can an MBA help your startup achieve success? MIP alumnus, Nikita Lukianets, shares the story of his MBA and subsequent career path.
Worried about whether or not to you’d want to jump straight from an MBA into a career with a startup?
01 Dec 2016
MBA graduates have difficult choices between large companies and startups, and small companies. Here are four benefits of joining a startup.
What Does Trump Mean for US Banking and Fintech? main image
30 Nov 2016
Trumps’ presidency potentially has a ton of positive ramifications for the fintech industry and MBA careers.
HBS graduate, Jaren Nichols, talks about startups and taking career risks
10 Nov 2016
Sure, working at a startup can be mortifying, but taking some post-MBA career risks can be hugely rewarding, says Harvard MBA Jaren Nichols.
HBS alumnus on entrepreneurship
26 May 2016
What are the benefits of an MBA to those set on a life of entrepreneurship? An HBS alumnus who turned down Google, Tim Chaves, highlights three factors.