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What Does Trump Mean for US Banking and Fintech? main image
30 Nov 2016
Trumps’ presidency potentially has a ton of positive ramifications for the fintech industry and MBA careers.
What job opportunities for MBA grads exist in the fintech world?
24 Aug 2016
Fintech is an industry on the move and, fortunately, offers plenty of opportunities in the way of MBA jobs.
Advice on the private equity interview
23 Jun 2016
Preparing for an interview for a post-MBA job in private equity? In this article, Patrick Curtis, a Wharton MBA alumnus, shares some interview tips to help you land your dream job in private equity.
TOPMBA finance by date
Picasso works and their potential disruption to the art market
12 May 2015
The roundup calls on HBS to find out if a flood of Picasso’s oeuvre could disrupt the art market and hears Berkeley-Haas’ thoughts on social status.
business news roundup
10 Apr 2015
LinkedIn makes largest acquisition to date, confidence in UK stock market despite political uncertainty, and Japan culls mascots.
Interpersonal skills central to Harvard MBA's company culture
05 Mar 2015
CEO of private equity firm, Blackstone Group, and Harvard MBA alumnus, Stephen Schwarzman, says he’s only interested in hiring people who are nice.
Harvard alumni were last year's IPO leaders
16 Feb 2015
Harvard alumni CEOs - including those of Harvard Business School - set the pace for influential IPO or stock market launches in 2014.
MBA graduates working in London's banking sector
13 Feb 2015
How much more do MBA graduates earn in London’s banking sector? Elsewhere in this week’s roundup: MBA jobs in space and Kellogg School scholars.