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Negotiating techniques in the research roundup
30 Apr 2015
Concerns about graduate student mental health, self-affirmation techniques boost negotiating skills and empirical evidence of effect of inflation on spending.
Rotman withdraws controversial business case study
10 Dec 2014
Rotman issues official apology for giving first-year MBAs a business case study that has been deemed ‘sexist’ in its portrayal of a female character.  
Arianna Huffington promotes book at Rotman event
20 Nov 2014
Third spectrum of success conveyed at a Rotman School of Management event as Arianna Huffington talks through the premise of her latest book, Thrive.
TOPMBA Rotman School of Management by date
US$270,000 in MBA Scholarships up for Grabs at Rotman: MBA News main image
11 Feb 2014
Rotman School of Management offers US$270,000 in MBA scholarships for winners of its annual problem solving challenge.
Rotman Announces MBA without GMAT Requirement for CFAs
25 Jun 2013
As North American business schools continue towards the summer break, for standard full-time MBAs at least, many schools have taken the opportunity to announce overhauls of their MBA admissions requirements.