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TopMBA Weekly Pulse April 9

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Springtime is the best time to start prepping for fall and winter admits, says GrantMeAdmission, who will be going through the whole MBA application process one more (hopefully) time. Fall down seven times, get up 14, or something like that, right?

My Life of Bliss reflects on the start of her journey, now a distant six months ago, while PullingThatMBATrigger can join her in commiseration or celebration, having been waitlisted at UCLA Anderson.

Maybe all of them would do well to take a look at Scott Duncan’s post about authenticity and why that is so much better than performing for the admissions committee. Or maybe EF Essays can help (top) new applicants figure out if (top) business schools are a (top) fit for their (top) business goals because, well…maybe they aren’t?

What’s that? You are thinking about going to business school? ProGMAT suggests that you make some flashcards. Yep, flashcards! Something you’ll definitely need if you want to go to business school is motivation – which happens to be UVA Darden student blogger, Mimi West’s topic this week.

Meanwhile, MIT Sloan students are all over the planet, again; this time in Japan and Singapore. Closer to home, ‘Joint Venture’ Richard Sandrok discusses his experiences as the partner of a Kellogg MBA candidate,  first-year MBA Amanda McCarthy wants to celebrate gender diversity. Finally, GMU business school offers up a ranking of the top business schools in Virginia (hint: Mimi knows who comes out on top).  

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